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Meet Us

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Susan Ross
Retreat Leader, Trauma Informed Medicine Facilitator and Integration Specialist

As a certified professional life coach, positive neuroplasticity professional, Harvard IOC fellow, mediator, arbitrator and certified yoga, meditation and breathwork instructor, Susan has experienced deep levels of transformation both in herself and in partnering with her clients over the past 9 years. However, she found the most profound healing, trauma release and freedom through connecting with sacred ancestral jungle medicines. Susan is beyond grateful to have discovered the beauty in both worlds. She combines her scholarly training, accreditations and accolades with the wisdom of jungle medicine in her work as a trauma informed medicine facilitator and integration specialist. She also uses somatic work as a part of her practice. Susan's extensive trauma informed training and approach to medicine work provides her clients a safe container to allow the most vulnerable parts of themselves to show up. She provides a gentle space for her clients to be seen, heard, felt, loved - ultimately embodying more of who they already are! LOVE.


"I have read every self help book imaginable, attended yoga and meditation retreats all the while working with a holistic psychotherapist for over a decade through which I was able to uncover some deep rooted stuck patterns, but nothing has allowed me to truly connect with myself and learn the art of surrender, radical acceptance and gratitude like ancestral medicine has. The medicine is our teacher. When we surrender all of our own ideas and thought patterns as to how things ‘should’ be and what we think we want, we create space for opportunities, growth and freedom beyond our comprehension. The sacred jungle medicines allow us to get out of our head and into our heart, body and spirit. Letting go of all that was and embracing all that is, is what I have personally found to be the key to freedom and pure bliss. Gathering wisdom from these medicines has become my passion, my love and my purpose to share in gratitude with the collective. There is always more to learn. Seasons change and so must I. It doesn't mean it's easy to let go, but it's time to make room for a better life." 


The beauty of these retreats is that each participant is held in a safe container and there is no judgment or shame. You are free to fully express whatever needs to arise within you for your own personal journey. The space is co-created to safely explore exactly what you need regardless of your level of experience with these sacred ancestral medicines, yoga, meditation or breathwork. These retreats are curated for both individual and collective healing, love, gratitude, surrender, bliss, radical acceptance and creative expression. Everyone is welcome. We are all in this consciousness journey together. Growing and transforming into who we are and allowing space to release societal conditioning of who others said we should be. We get to choose the life we want!  

Our Space Holders and Guides

We are excited to offer this incredible team of consciousness explorers to co-create individualized healing journeys for each participant. Everyone will be met where they are and held in a safe environment to go beyond our fears and reach ultimate personal and collective freedom. Each ceremony will build throughout the week and is consciously curated for growth and unleashing the fire within. Like the Phoenix, together we will rise out of the flames and into a newness of life for the New Year. If you don't spread your wings, you will not discover how far you can fly.

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