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REVIVE Retreat
REVIVE Retreat
Apr 07, 2024, 3:00 PM – Apr 13, 2024, 11:00 AM
Latica Lodge,
Finca Los Pargos 50m S. From Super Las Tecas & 800m SE Guanacaste Santa Cruz, Provincia de Guanacaste, Los Pargos, 50303, Costa Rica

Retreat Experience

Embrace the newness of spring by doing what makes your soul happy! Come join us to learn how you can do hard things and thrive. Discover the freedom within to release stuck patterns and develop a heart of radical acceptance. We will journey together and revive our collective soul callings to reclaim lives of purpose & peace. REVIVE from fear to freedom!



Intimate Luxurious Setting:

  • 10 - 15 participants

4 Jungle Medicine Ceremony Offerings: 

  • Spirit plants (Psilocybin)

  • Kambo (heal & cleanse the body by strengthening natural defenses in the lymphatic system & ward off negative energies)

  • Bufo (the God Molecule) 

  • Heart plants (Acacia, Blue Lotus, White Lotus, Red Lotus, Pink Lotus, Passion Flower - subject to availability)

  • Rapé (sacred shamanic tabacco)

  • Sharing Circles


Included Wellness Experiences:

  • Hikes 

  • Yoga 

  • Sound Healing

  • Breathwork 

  • Meditation 

  • Somatic Healing

  • Ice Bath 

  • Spa

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Integration

  • Farm to table organic meals


  • Whimsical Jungle rooms with private bathrooms


  • Shuttle to/from LIR (departing at 3pm from LIR and 10am from Playa Negra - book flights accordingly)

Not Included



Together we will

journey   release   breathe   accept   heal   play   dance  relax   trust   love   transcend   grow   recover  recalibrate   integrate 




The new year is a time for rebirth, transformation and letting go of what was to make space for what is possible. We are taking this journey together to let go of our fears and find freedom within our souls. We chose the Phoenix as a symbol for this retreat to embody the reviving of our spirits by lifting ourselves from darkness into light. The phoenix rising represents a complete life cycle and we want to start this new year giving ourselves the best gift we can – the gift of a reborn love; a deep love that transcends all, an all-encompassing love for ourselves as individuals and as a collective. The medicine offerings have been thoughtfully chosen and prepared to allow for deeper opening within ourselves as the week progresses. Each medicine ceremony will expand your consciousness and allow you to truly find whatever you need. Everyone’s journey will be different and the beauty lies in the vulnerability and surrender in trusting that the medicine is our ultimate teacher. This retreat has been curated with all of our favorite trusted jungle medicines, healers and teachers to create transcendent healing and soul expansion experiences in safe luxurious surroundings. This week is an opportunity to connect and grow with amazing new friends in the sacred jungles of Costa Rica and revive your life.


The retreat will be held in the secluded beach area of Playa Negra, Costa Rica. La Tica is located within a property of 3 acres, a very special place since it happens to be surrounded by 988 acres of all natural and virgin land. 

During the 90’s, a big part of today’s residents and central pillars of Playa Negra, lived together as a big “hippie” family at Finca Los Pargos.

On these grounds were their homes, restaurant, traditional old country warehouses and even the school where their children were educated, in harmonious community.

The lodge is meant to bring back to life, just as the Phoenix, the spirit and essence of such a place, honoring and recycling its original structures and its diverse functionalities. For example, the Yoga Hall, was the old meeting center, a place of social and cultural exchange, the heart of the property. Our yoga, meditation and medicine ceremonies will take place in an amazing open Shala. A ceremonial fire circle will be used for fire ceremonies. For some downtime, a salt water pool can be enjoyed at your leisure.


This is a general itinerary so you can get an idea of what our daily schedules will look like. The complete itinerary will be presented upon check-in. 

Sunday, April 7

For those of you flying, after arriving in Liberia you will be transported in a private shuttle to our magnificent retreat space. For those of you who are local, we look forward introducing you to a unique experience in Playa Negra. 1 shuttle will be offered at 3pm. Please book flights accordingly. We will get settled into our accommodations and provide an exceptional tour of the retreat space. You will have some time to explore or rest before we will gather in the kitchen for dinner and meeting new friends. After dinner we will gather in the Shala for opening circle, an intention setting meditation, our 1st rapé ceremony and a medicine preparedness session. 

Monday, April 8

We will start the day with yoga at 8am then prepare for our Kambo ceremony.


If you have never worked with Kambo before, please read more about this medicine here. Kambo is the venom from the back legs of Amazonian Tree Frog Phyllomedusa bicolor. The frogs are unharmed so it is vegan friendly. This frog and his venom are safe and nontoxic to humans and the detox that can be achieved cannot be compared to anything else. Science has been trying to synthesize these peptides since their discovery! The ceremony will begin with an intention and working on what area of your body you feel needs clearing. The facilitator will make small burns on the first layer of skin, a portal through which the medicine can access. It doesn’t “hurt” but feels like a little spark flying up from a firework! The medicine comes on instantly lighting up your whole body. You feel hot and your heart rate increases and your body, ears, limbs and head pulsate and vibrate. This is when the frog is said to be scanning your body, mind and spirit for toxins and impurities. You may feel as if a spirit-guided source is moving through your body, organs, lymphatic and nervous systems, cleaning you from the inside out.


After about 15--25 minutes of this cleaning, you will begin to feel very nauseous... and the purge will begin! (sometimes from both ends). A purge feels different from being “sick". A purge is an experience when you are releasing what no longer serves you: trauma, unprocessed emotions, toxins, energy etc. This purging process lasts another 15--25 minutes. All necessary comforts will be provided during the purge including an individual bucket and tissues.


Kambo can assist you in detoxing from many conditions:

Depression · Anxiety · OCD · Bipolar · Physical pain · Energy blocks · Infertility · Sexually transmitted Disease · Vaccine toxicity · Heavy metals · Migraines · Blood circulation problems · Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease · Vascular insufficiency · Organ diseases · Cancer · Fertility problems · Deeply rooted toxins · Chronic pain · Addiction to opiate or prescription painkillers (Kambo reduces physical pain, thus helping people kick their addictions to other painkillers) · Fever and infections · Negative energies (traditionally known as “panema”)


This is the medicine of the warrior. Kambo will detox and purge all of your body systems: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy. It will detoxify all your organs flushing them of toxins, free radicals, heavy metals, medications, drugs and much more.


Resulting in:

Rapid transformation · Increased stamina · Abundance · Psychic abilities · Clarity · Focus · Happiness · Positivity · Joy · Understanding · Acceptance · Overall health and well-being · Increased sex drive and sensitivity · A deeper connection to self · A deeper connection to nature and spirit.


Following ceremony, you will be offered lunch and invited to take a bit of a rest -- settling back in to a cleaner body and life! We will enjoy the Kambo reset by journaling, hiking, taking a dip in the pool, going, resting and/or meditating.


Dinner will be offered at 6 pm.

After dinner we will have a late-night fire ceremony celebration and enjoy live music at 7pm with guitarist Tony Puttagio.

Tuesday, April 9

This is our Bufo ceremony day! The God Molecule (as Bufo is also called) will take us each out of our egos and to a place of full surrender to all that is good and light and peace. Natalie will consult with each participant prior to ceremony to determine if the medicine aligns. If you have never worked with Bufo before, please read more about this medicine here. Each person will have an individual ceremony in the Shala, proceeding one at a time for the entirety of the day. We will collectively be holding space for one another throughout the day. The ceremony will be a safe container for you to fully surrender and release anything holding you back. You will be held as the medicine is shared with you. You may be given several doses. You may feel like you are falling into a dream or it may illicit some challenging emotions. For about 5--7 minutes after the dose, this time will be the dissolving of ego. Next, you are ready to break through to source -- a blissful and euphoric experience like nothing else. Some call the experience meeting God, a divine encounter, the world's most powerful entheogen, a spiritual path towards the divine light. This lasts about 15--20 minutes and then you will start to return to your body. You may feel like a newborn baby, rebirthed to a newness of life, full of gratitude and love. Once you are safely grounded, Susan will guide you to a comfortable space to integrate your experience and continue holding space for others. We will be supporting each other during the Bufo ceremonies by holding space.

After our Bufo ceremonies have concluded, we will have a group lunch.


You are encouraged to take in all of the beauty that is around you following ceremony. At 6pm Natalie will lead us through a Belly2Belly meditation practice. This practice will open us up to grounding the Bufo medicine somatically in our bodies even further. The same way we have inherited dance, movement and expression in tribe from our ancestors and shamanic lineages, we have also inherited the primal need for spaces where we can drop below the surface, to descend into the subtle realms of existence to listen and feel – TOGETHER. Something profound happens when we do this. When we actually OPEN to ALLOW this space and its ancient wisdom the possibility of actualizing. When this happens, when a group of human beings comes together, with relaxed nervous systems, there is a deep heartfelt synchronization that happens. Our bodies form a kind of energetic web of wisdom-in the softness and silence we finally have the ability listen to it. Belly2Belly is a profoundly simple partnered meditation practice that relaxes our bodies, opens our hearts, and puts all our fears to rest. To meet the primordial human need to be together in silence, and allow the ancestral wisdom alive and available in our bodies to have the time and space to be heard, and deeply felt.

Wednesday, April 10

We will start our day with yoga in the shala at 8am, followed by breakfast. At 10am we will begin a somatic rebirthing session in the pool led by Natalie. After everyone's sessions are complete, we will have a group lunch then head to the beach for some shoreline grounding and play!

We will gather in the evening for dinner followed by a sharing circle to share our experiences and insights from the ceremonies. This will be an opportunity to connect deeply with each other and support each other in our healing journeys and transformation.

Thursday, April 11

We will start the day at 8am with a meditation in the shala led by Susan then breakfast. This will be a free day to explore the grounds and if desired go to the pool, journaling, meditating or just being. Lunch will not be provided in preparation for ceremony. Our evening will open with an intention setting circle. Ron Nikel and Paul Jarred will begin our heart and spirit plant ceremony around 4pm. Susan will lead a breathwork session to open the heart and spirit and release any stuck energy or emotions. The breathwork will be accompanied by guided ceremony music to deepen the experience.In ceremony, we will work with a range of plants that fall into two categories: heart and spirit. The heart medicines are derived from flowers and trees that originate from Asia, Africa and North America. Spirit plants come from fungi found in North and South America.

Heart Plants

- White Lotus

- Blue Lotus

- Passion Flower

- Acacia

- Red Lotus

- Pink Lotus

Spirit Plants

- Psilocybin Mushrooms


If you have never worked with these plants before, please read more about these medicines here. Each person working within this blended tradition has an opportunity to work with a range of plants that work on reconnecting the individual with the energy of the heart and spirit. Each person will meet with the facilitator to determine the plant or combination of plants they will take during ceremony that will meet each individuals needs and intentions. Plants offered are subject to availability.


The ceremony is conducted in a safe container with Ron Nikel as the facilitator and two trained assistants to hold space and support the group of individuals working with the plants. Each individual experience is an inward experience with the eyes covered to encourage each person to go inward and follow the wisdom of the plant.  Each person is encouraged to work with all emotions and experiences that arise during the ceremony. This is facilitated by encouraging each individual to use mindfulness techniques with awareness and curiosity to turn toward or surrender to what arises during the entire journey experience. 


Throughout the evening a combination of sound healing from Paul and sacred ceremony music will be used to assist the journeyer navigate the plant medicine experiences.  

After the ceremony ends, each person will spend the rest of the evening sleeping at the ceremony or if desired, return to their Casitas. There will be no dinner this evening, however fruit will be offered during and following ceremony.

Friday, April 12

We will have a leisurely morning and meet in the kitchen for a refreshing breakfast at 8 AM. After breakfast, Ron and Paul will lead us in a sharing and integration circle. This will be a day for grounding and going inward to reflect on ceremony experiences. The activities for the day may include: rest, journaling, hike, pool, meditation walk. After lunch at 12:30pm we will begin our breathwork class in preparation for our ice bath with Yati Or. After we have mastered the breathing techniques, we will individually ground ourselves in an ice bath. We will learn breathing technique, cold exposure and commitment. We will utilize oxygen and cold exposure to optimize body and mind and learn about the underlying physiology. Breathing is a constant in our lives, yet we rarely pay attention to it. We will learn how to unleash the power of heightened oxygen levels in our bodies to get more energy, reduced stress levels and a strong immune system. We will unlock the myriad of benefits proper exposure to low temperatures provides our bodies while learning about the science behind this wonderful method -- how it works together with our bodies and minds to improve our overall health and capacity.


Grounding is an important technique to lock in all of our ceremonies from the week. We will experience high vibrational consciousness exploration that may bring up some tough emotions, and it is necessary to feel solid and recalibrated in our newborn bodies. Releasing fear, trauma, stuck emotions, negative energies and anything else that needed to go, leaves our bodies very open and raw to receive what we wish for our new selves. The ice bath experience is designed to take our profound ceremony downloads and couple them with breathing techniques, to allow for a full integration back into our physical, spiritual and emotional bodies – free and fully revived.













We will then dive into a flying trapeze experience to fully step into our newfound freedom through flight! Followed by having dinner together then take the rest of the evening to rest and reflect. We will have closing circle at 8pm.

Saturday, April 13

Breakfast 6:30am. Closing circle in the Shala at 7am. Shuttle to LIR 8am. Checkout for those staying in Costa Rica at 11am.


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